Email campaign error

Hello guys!

I created a campaign on Mautic and realized that it had a bug.

The campaign sent more than 1 email on the same day, and the condition was to be sent 1 day after the opening of the previous one.

E-mail 2 was sent on Sunday (24/04) at 1:17 pm
E-mail 3 was sent on Sunday (24/04) at 3:30 pm

Can you tell me what could have happened?

Hello @weverton-m and Welcome!

Several points come to mind following your message:

  • When you post a screenshot, can you configure Mautic in English beforehand to make sure we understand your request?
  • The conditions for opening e-mails are not reliable (and this is not due to Mautic). Many e-mail providers block tracking pixels in e-mails, or open them by default as soon as they are received. Basing a marketing trigger on an e-mail opening is strongly inadvisable.
  • Your campaign seems quite complex. My experience with Mautic has led me to do small campaigns and to switch from one campaign to another via segments. This simplifies the creation, testing and maintenance of campaigns.

In order to help you, can you please explain what you want to do and your business use case?

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Hi Pierre, thanks for the Mautic language suggestion, I made the update.

The objective of the campaign is simple, if the Lead opens the email (Email 2) within the period stipulated by me, I will send the next one (Email 3) 1 day after viewing it.

I used the following Mautic functions: Adjust contact points, Send email and skip to event.

Which time zone are you in? Once you change from UTC, you get into wild waters with time based conditions. Based on my experiences I would always leave UTC.

Could you give 24h instead of 1d a try?


Could you plz share what the waiting condition is before the jump?
What does "between 2 days’ mean?
If I set 2 days, by me looks like this:


Hello Dirk

The suggestion you gave me is great. Thank you very much, I will make this update in my campaigns.

To answer your question, my UTC−3 (BRT)

hello joyek

The condition I use is “decision” and the parameter for it is “Clicked on e-mail”.

Okay, but what is the timing on the next action? After 2 days? What does Between 2 days mean?
Can you make a screenshot from that setup?