Mautic does not show updated data

Hi support!

On a WordPress 6.0 installation running under PHP 7.4 with 3 active caching plugins:

  • Comet Cache – 170220
  • WP-Optimize - Clean, Compress, Cache
  • Autoptimize – 3.0.4

I detect that the data of “abandoned shopping carts” or “contacts” does not correspond to what Mautic 4.3.1 reflects in “Contacts”, “Segments”, etc.

Is it possible that the use of 3 caching plugins can somehow affect the cached data received by Mautic?

Thanks for enlightening me, I’m a bit in the dark on this issue. :thinking:

Yep, exactly what it does. Messes up your tracking, we had clients where we needed to fix it.
Try to read on other forums about “how to exclude tracking from caching”
Results like this (just newer) will help you further:

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