mautic.ERROR: Invalid clickthrough value:

Your software
My PHP version is : php 7.3.20
My MySQL version is 5.7.30-1debian10 (docker image: mysql:5.7)
Mautic: v3.0.2

After sending a campaign, the email numbers (open, click, etc) are now showing up in the campaign

I can still see the numbers at the email template level but it’s not appearing in the campaign section.

… Invalid clickthrough value …

These errors are showing in the Mautic log :

{“exception”:"[object] (Mautic\CoreBundle\Exception\InvalidDecodedStringException(code: 0): The string b:8:{f:9:“fbhedf”;b:5:{v:3;f:47:“dbzcbvta.fifag”;v:4;v:48;}f:8:“fzbvy”;v:47;f:7:“fgbg”;f:55:“8a700b4254fb6275630157”;f:7:“yfbe”;f:6:“728”;f:0:“dubaafy”;b:4:{f:8:“fzbvy”;v:47;}} is not a serialized array at /var/www/html/app/bundles/CoreBundle/Helper/ClickthroughHelper.php:46)"}

Any idea?

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I’m experiencing the same issue here…

Anyone who can help here?

same issue here as well . no idea how to trace it

I have the same issue. Even with v3.3.2. (I’m not using docker image).

I have the same error. Mautic 3.3.2

[2021-05-08 12:55:28] mautic.ERROR: Invalid clickthrough value: Yjo4OntmOjk6ImZiaGVkZiI7Yjo1Ont2OjM7Zjo0NzoiZGJ6Y2J2dGEuZmlmYWciO3Y6NDt2OjU3MTt9Zjo4OiJmemJ2eSI7djo0MzM7Zjo3OiJmZ2JnIjtmOjU1OiI5MzI5MWI1ZTNhNWEwNjczNDI0MzkyIjtmOjc6InlmYmUiO2Y6ODoiNzU4MjYiO2Y6MDoiZHViYWFmeSI7Yjo0OntmOjg6ImZ6YnZ5Ijt2OjQzMzt9fQ== {"exception":"[object] (Mautic\\CoreBundle\\Exception\\InvalidDecodedStringException(code: 0): The string b:8:{f:9:\"fbhedf\";b:5:{v:3;f:47:\"dbzcbvta.fifag\";v:4;v:571;}f:8:\"fzbvy\";v:433;f:7:\"fgbg\";f:55:\"93291b5e3a5a0673424392\";f:7:\"yfbe\";f:8:\"75826\";f:0:\"dubaafy\";b:4:{f:8:\"fzbvy\";v:433;}} is not a serialized array at /mydomain/mautic/mautic/app/bundles/CoreBundle/Helper/ClickthroughHelper.php:46)"} []

This is still happening. Mautic 3.3.3.

I can confirm this is still an issue with Mautic 4.4.x

There’s an open issue on Github, please guys go there and report your case if you have a couple minutes to spare…

Probably related:

Another instance, this time it’s a 3.3.5, started doing it this week…
I suspect incomplete data sent to the Mautic API could be causing this.