Mautic for WordPress Core and WooCommerce Question


I want to use Mautic for WordPress core for sales funnels and lead magnets NOT associated with WooCommerce.

I also want to use Mautic for WooCommerce for some of the same people with WP core accounts in addition to new customers who enter directly into WooCommerce.

I then want those WooCommerce customers combined with those folks in core so that everyone will be in one (1) database for marketing campaigns due to other WP plugins they’ll also be using from core that requires them to be logged in.

Which plugin should I install - the one for WP core or Mautic for WooCommerce or must I use 2 installs of Mautic?


Hi, you dont need 2 Mautics, just have to tag each group properly. However wp mautic alone wont be enough. The exact answer depends on your use case.

Thank you, @joeyk.

Can you provide an example of what you mean, please?

Is that regarding which plugin to use and how to determine it with respect to use case? Do I need both plugins?

Are you referring to another application that I need in conjunction with Mautic e.g. CRM? Do I use a CRM to bring both groups together then market using Mautic?

WocCommerce is going to be a secondary feature.

An LMS is going to be a higher priority in addition to other features.


Hi, I don’t know what you want to do with Mautic, it is a super versitile tool. On my website I’m using Mautic with the following stack (This is all the SAME website:)

  1. Wordpress as a blog: hosts my blog, and pages. I use Mautic to capture leads (forms and popups) track interest based on page visits. Based on interest Mautic is sending updates. (When I have time…)

  2. Wordpress as membership site: a plugin allows me to have members (beyond regular WP users) and manages my wordpress content to show different content based on membeship levels. Membership information is synched via n8n using a custom script.

  3. Wordpress as store: I also have a Woocommerce store where you can buy digital products for example courses and scripts. The store is connected to Mautic to and tracks purchases, abandoned cart. I’m using Wootic to submit information, but I’ll move to soon.

  4. Since I have courses I use the Wordpress LMS plugin Tutor 2 to display and manage students. In my setup Tutor is using Woo as store fuction, so I don’t need to create extra functionality in tracking enrollments. However course completion can be also synched with Mautic but you need custom script for that as well. It’s not so hard to do with N8N.

Does this bring you closer to your answer?



Hi Joey @joeyk

Thanks for your reply!

That’s exactly what I want to do! Everything that you listed.

Which plugins and other software do I need?

I looked at Mautic very briefly a while ago and now looking at it more amongst other applications.

Just started revisiting Mautic just before my post.

I want to give Mautic a real shot this time.


Here you go for your ROI calculations:

Wordpress (self hosted): $0
Woocommerce (self hosted): $0
Wootic (free plugin): $0
Ultimate Membership plugin: one time $59 (This includes membership billing, content locker, etc)
Tutor LMS: $149 / year
n8n (self hosted): $0
Mautic (self hosted): $0
Mautic Twig templates: $39
Mautic Custom SQL: $0
Metabase (custom reporting, self hosted): $0
Vimeo: $15 / month, but you can use Youtube for free

I have to admit I did some coding myself to be able to simplify some data exchange between woocommerce, and other systems via n8n.

It took me about 1 year to get it right. (still experimenting)

If you want to go with basic membership functions, maybe could be a good solution instead of wordpress it also has email marketing, but far not as powerful as Mautic for sure. It has membership management, subscription, payments out of the box. But I’m not sure about LMS either. If you want to have a big site, go with Wordpress. Also: if you want to do a membership business, check out

Good luck,


Thanks so much, Joey! @joeyk

That’s awesome!

For WordPress, do I need both the Mautic plugin and Mautic for WooCommerce plugin?


It’s up to you, I only use the Wp plugin. N8N can replace the Woocommerce one. I don’t like the mtwb Woocommerce plugin due to bad experience in the past, but it’s up to you.

Thanks Joey! @joeyk

I’ll look into N8N further. Appears to be robust.

If I understand, you use N8N to get WooCommerce customers into Mautic to join those folks who entered Mautic via the WP Mautic plugin? If so, how to do that?



Woocommerce customers are WP users (I believe), just with another role, at least according to my settings.

I’m using N8N to capture Woo webhook (even abandoned cart) and launch workflows based on that.
In case of a Woo purchase I can add tags / custom fields to a client. I have 2 types of product: course and digital download. Both need different behaviour.

Custom fields added to contacts in Mautic help you to create segments and automation for cross sell / upsell.

Thank you, Joey! @joeyk

I will look into this further as I learn Mautic.

You pointed me in the right direction, I believe.

I’m sure I’ll have additional questions later.

I also plan to see what else N8N would be useful for.

Much appreciated!

Hi, if you want to learn here is a free resource, but there are also many other great tutorials on youtube. Good luck.

Thank you, Joey :slightly_smiling_face: @joeyk