Mautic is not catching reply's after replacing new email account

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My Mautic version is:2.15.2
My PHP version is: 7.0

Your problem
My problem is: Hi Everyone, i have configure the reply-to email address in Mautic email configuration when i replace already added email with new email address Mautic stops catching reply emails from this new email account, all configuration and host are same for the new email address, any help would highly appreciated.


These errors are showing in the log:

Steps I have tried to fix the problem: I have cleared the mautic cache, remove the account and re-added but problem is still there.

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Do you get a Success! message when you click on Test connection and fetch folders for Contact Replies? I’m assuming that the reply email is different from your from email?

Does the Reply to address section of your emails match the Contact Replies email you have set?

Is the mautic:email:fetch running without error? There’s nothing posted from your log in this post.

Yes i get success message and my reply and sender email address is same even after putting the same email address in user account its not working.

I do not get any error message even cron also seems to run fine.

Here is the output of mautic:email:fetch

0 emails processed for {}[Gmail]/All Mail with a criteria of UID 680:1000000680


The documentation states the following in the first sentence of the Contact Replies section.

Contact Replies were added in Mautic 2.12.0. To use it you must have access to a non-Google or Yahoo email IMAP server as they will overwrite return paths.

I get it these are not random gmail accounts they are gsuite accounts and it works just fine when we first time add the account, i am only having this issue when i replace it with new email address.

So you think this can be sorted?


So, it worked with a Google account before?

Are there reply emails in the account when you use the Gmail interface?

Be aware that the change isn’t retroactive for a contact that has already passed that step in the campaign. The send/reply-to-email is the old email you had set if they received the email prior to you making that change.

Yes, it worked with gmail account. (which i entered first time after install mautic etc.)

I understand, i send test email campaign to new email address and check if it is catching the reply emails, but it does not do that.


Post the source of the received email.

After selecting reply mailbox from the dropdown menu in contact reply setting, it seems to be working again!

Thanks for your support and time :slight_smile:

did you setup monitored inbox using gmail account?
I need help in this.
I am getting success but the replies aren’t tracked.
I did add the cron job too