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Replies to email, do not work

Hi community Mautic,

I am new in mautic, could someone tell me how the desicion works “replies to email” please.

I have tested successfully my email settings. My problem is: when i use the “replies to email” decision, Mautic always go by the no response email thread, even when i respond the sended email.

@Brayan check your email setting.

Yes, I have tested successfully my email settings,

can you see there reply to path.

Nothing :frowning:

@Brayan Did you get this working? I have Mautic 2.12.2. I have all of the “Monitored Inbox Settings” email settings set up. I know the settings are working because it said “Success!!” and it pulled in all of my mail folders. I selected the inbox to monitor for the replies and it’s not working. I use Amazon SES to send, but I use Gmail to receive my mail.

Nothing ?

That’s something I haven’t paid any attention to (the Advanced tab in the email itself). I have been leaving those blank because the little tooltip-question-mark says it would default to system configuration if left blank. The Monitored Address of mine should be same as it the default system configuration, but who knows. I’ll try that.

For others struggling with this. I have verified that this functionality does not work. There is a code problem that is documented here: