Reply Tracking not working

Hello, does anyone know how to track replies in Mautic?
We are having issues in detecting replies to campaign emails in Mautic.
Campaign is set up in a way to stop sending follow up emails after contact replies, but the main issue is with reply detection, which does not work. Bounce and Unsubscribe tracking is working fine and Configurations of Email Settings of default mailbox, bounces, unsubscribes and “contact replies” all are showing success (see screenshots below). In Mautic configurations, in Email settings default mailbox and “Contact Replies” are both set up with same mailbox which is main inbox. See Campaign Screenshot bellow. (When contact replies, contact should be removed from campaign, or we could replace that with “mark as do not contact”, but the issue is that that branch is not activated, because reply of contact is not detected).
Mautic version: 4.4.4
PHP version: 7.4.33


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Just to be sure: do you see the email in the inbox?
Are you pulling that inbox from somewhere else too?

Hello, I have fixed some things and currently the issue is that replies are not tracking for all, just for some of the contacts.
To answer your question: Yes I see replied emails in the inbox but most of them are not being detected as replies and are not recorded in replies segment.

During testing when I make a test reply (when I reply from testing account which was sent an campaign email), everything works fine and contact is being saved is replies segment.

But the issue is that currently there are way more emails in the roundcube (email client) inbox, which are replies to campaign which are not being detected as replies and are not being saved into replies segment.

One thing that I have noticed is that in inbox all emails are marked as opened, even though nobody has opened them.

Is possibly spam detector opening all the inbox emails and that is why none of them are marked as unread?