Mautic keep sending old segment email

Hey, I am not sure why but i have created scheduled segment emails.

And for some reason the system keep sending it to user that joined the system after the mail was scheduled. It seems like any one who joined the subscribe list got 3 different mails instead of one.

Anyone know why that happened?
When i send regular email i don’t want to be send to new people joining the list.

My understanding that if it not set with unpublished date then it will keep sending email to new members who sign up or join the segment.

Does your segment have unpublished date set up?

Ok it seems like i need to set “Unpublish at (date/time)” to make it stop working.

It’s a bit confusing, how does it work?
Should i set it up to work for only one minute?

Or do i need to take in account the time it takes to send the mails?
For example if i limit each send to 100 and i have 1000 subscribers i need to give it 10 minutes to run?

Whatever you want to set it to.

On our, we have a newsletter that goes out weekly every Wednesday so we set our to unpublish almost a week later on Tuesday evening because we still want new subscribers to still get the most recent newsletter if they sign up after the release on Wednesday.

If a new subscriber sign up on a Saturday, the most recent newsletter will still be sent to them until unpublish date on Tuesday since the next edition will be release and publish on the next day.

I don’t know what would happen if you set it unpublish in one minute and not all your email has complete sending out so I would give it at least a couple of hours depending how big your subscriber members are.

For announcements or events, we set our to unpublish in 24 hours which is plenty safe to give email send time to send out all the emails before segment become unpublished.

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Chiming in @joeyk the local Mautic expert!

Maybe he can tell us what would happen if we set it where it unpublished before all email are sent out.

What would happen, joey?

The publish / unpublish window only refers to processing the emails and adding them to the queue.
Now is 14:00, I finished my email, and should go out at 15:00. The message is a webinar at 17:00, so I want the email to be delivered until 16:50. Anyone who joins my segment until 16:50 should get the email.

My publishing window will be: 14:00 - 16:50.

Anyone who is a member between these times will get the email. If you join the segment 16:51, you won’t get it.

So my broadcast email command will start to fire at 14:00 pushing emails to the queue. When emails are in the queue, my email send command also get’s to work. They work hand in hand until there are emails to process. After 20 minutes all emails are added to the queue , and my emails send continuously sends out emails possibly with a slower pace.

My broadcast can’t pickup new segment members agter 16:50, if anyone joins the segment, won’t get the emails anymore. Late to the party.


I have a huge list, and it takes me 3 hours to process the emails. At 16:50 I still have 5000 emails to process with the broadcast email command. Since that’s the cut off time, anyone who was not processed won’t get the emails after that.

But my email sending script is slower, and by 16:50 its only half way through.
But the emails in unpublished. So will I keep sending?

The answer is yes.

Similarly to a waiter who can see a bunch of ready food on the hot plate after the kitchen is closed, he will still deliver the ready made filet mignon, no matter what.

If you don’t want the batch to be sent out, you can delete your spool folder’s contents.


Thank you for the detailed explanation! That help clear it up a lot for us.

Have a great weekend!