Email channel publish / unpublished

I don’t see much information about Email channel publish / unpublished in document. Can someone help clarify it for us.

New segment email then set publish date but we do not set unpublished date - It should shoot off email to all email in that segment group correct? If someone was to join to that segment group via segment sign up form after the published date … it will still shoot an email off to them or?

What if we have published and unpublished date set then it only shoot email between the two date if someone sign up on the segment sign up form?

What if there was 10 published segment emails and someone just signed up for that segment? They will get 10 emails at once?


  • Published means if a newsletter is active or not. Can it be sent or not.
  • The Publish at and unpublish at are independent from the Publish settings. These two values will describe a validity window, when the email is sent out to any contacts who happen to be in the segment specified above. If you set these values for the future, then you can schedule an email for a future send. Don’t forget to close the sending window with the second future date, otherwise anyone who joins the segment one year later will still get this email.
    ! In order this to work you need the email broadcast cron to be active. This will place the emails in the queue.

It can be Published

But if “Publish at” is blank then it will not sent until it is set with a date or time?

Yes. If you dont set ‘publish at’ then you wont open a publishing window. Your email will be sent manually.

Yes I think I got it now … the “Pending” is what got me fooled …

Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 2.43.28 PM

When I didn’t set a “publish at” date … and I saw that “Pending”. I thought it was going to shoot off the email anytime but after reading your post and I did a test …

It does shows “2 Pending” with “Publish At” blank and it won’t send off the email until it is set with a date and time.

But I understand now that Pending mean it still can be sent if a manual “Send” button is clicked correct? THe one next to “Send Example” correct?

But I understand now that Pending mean it still can be sent if a manual “Send” button is clicked correct? THe one next to “Send Example” correct?

yes, that’s correct.

Also, like said before, this the background published only works if the crontab is set up and working

Oh I know cron job is working perfectly fine LOL …

I accidently shot off a test email to 4,000 contacts when I had “published at” set but I added those 4,000 after the “published at” was set so I didn’t think it would still trigger the email until I learned that unpublish at need to be set as well too if you don’t want it to send off email after new members are added to a segment …


Thanks for your response!

Now I know as long the “Publish At” is left blank and not set then it should never send off any email or communication unless manually sent via Send button.

The document need to be updated explaining the three publish functions … :smile:

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