Segment email behaviour question

Got a basic question that I thought I new the answer to but now I am not so sure.

I created a segment email and sent it to a segment.

I assumed that new people who are added to that segment would get the email on being added to the segment. I am pretty sure that is how it is supposed to be.

But today I added a new person to the segment and the email was not sent to them. It did show as pending in the email stats, but was never sent. When I manually triggered the segment email to send to the segment, the pending email was sent.

Do I have to manually send to send mail to new segment members, or should it happen automatically, once a segment email has been published and the initial send done?

In my experience, if you add contacts to a segment with a segment email you need to send it manually every time new contacts are added - they appear as ‘pending’.

To make the email send automatically, as new contacts are added to the segment, you need to set a publish / un-publish date/time for that email. If you use this method you should not click ‘send’, as the automation you have set will do this for you - and you might send duplicate emails.

setup mautic:broadcast:send cron with --email flag. Make sure the segment email has “Published date” selected or it will likely fail

You don’t have to set an unpublish date. But it can be useful for time specific mailouts (eg invites for events). This is an old post but it clarifies it: How do you schedule broadcast emails in mautic? I can't find it - #2 by yaniss

Plz note:
If you don’t set the unpublish date, and you add contacts to this segment, than they will automatically get your outdated mail.

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