Does the email que stop sending mid list if email gets un-published?

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I’m looking to set up emails that are only sent to current users of a segment and not future users about to be listed into it. Is it possible to set up an email to only be sent to users that are already in a segment as of the moment when the email goes public? So if I have 500 emails, a new users doesn’t get bombarded with all of them at once?

I suspect that I can use the publish and un-publish dates that I see in the email section, but what if I publish it at 15:00 and un-publish at 15:01, and the email sending is in the middle of the list? Will it cut off sending emails in the middle of the que? Or will it finish sending the email once it’s started?

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Yh, that is what segment is made for, you can send to selected contact segments, and yes, it would only be sent to the current users of a segment and not future users, however, it can also be sent to new contacts as they are added to the associated segments if you wish to do so (make sure not to click the send button again as this would send to the newly added user in the segment).

I am afraid it won’t stop sending as long as it’s in the queue, you can run a quick test yourself just to be sure, but I doubt mautic has a mechanism for this. If I am in that situation where I need to quickly terminate my email broadcast, I’ll simply delete the contents of the spool directory.

If you are talking about a real queue (Emails pushed into the spool/default folder), the answer is no.
Once the email is in the spool the published status is not checked.
You can delete the files in the spool (each file is an individual email), and they won’t be sent anymore.
Once an email is in the spool, it will be counted as sent regardless if it is actually sent.

Good luck.

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I actually have a cron job that triggers the action of sending segment emails automatically. I guess that pretty much eliminates the possibility of making a segment into a single use segment? My form adds the users to a “subscribers” segment automatically. So that cron job is going to re-trigger the segment and send the emails to the new subscribers. The only way I can think of preventing this is by setting up an un-publish date to be set to a minute after the publish date.

I mean in my case that’s actually good. This means I can briefly enable a scheduled segment for just a minute, just so that it sends the contact list to the queue and not to any new subscribers.