Mautic official documentation login error

Hi Support :hugs:

When I try to log in with community data in the “official” Mautic Documentation Login | Mautic to check and review, I see that it returns an error.

I see that in the POST it returns the error (probably because of some security check that fails).

Whoops there was an error! 2022-04-21 20-14-13

It is not an issue, it is simply a report. :slight_smile:


Hello @rcheesley

I think this item is for you. :slight_smile:


Hi @gnumax what are you trying to do with the docs? You should not need to log in, that’s only for the Education Team Leads to do major restructures/updates.

If you are trying to make updates / changes, we do that on GitHub, but we are in the middle of a major replatforming project so I would suggest getting involved with that if you want to contribute!

The new docs:

The GitHub repo we are working in:

We are coordinating work in #t-education in Slack (get an invite at Mautic Community On Slack).


Hi @rcheesley

That’s just what I was trying to do “contribute”.

Ok GitHub, I watch! :eyes:

I tried to get access to Slack 2 months ago but got no response and no credentials.

Thanks for your reply :hugs:


About the official documentation,

a doubt, the new refactoring of the documentation will be multi-language or will it remain officially in English?

Thx! :slight_smile:

Oh weird! Please try to get an invite on Mautic Community On Slack and it should send it to you.

When we have the English base we can push it up to Transifex for translation (see the info here), and it will be versioned (so we can work on docs for 5.x separate to 4.x).

Hi @rcheesley

It will be great for the whole community, I help with the translation of Mautic since 2015 and I think it would be great to be able to join efforts in Transifex, once again.

Thank you for everything :wink:

Yes that is one of the main reasons why we wanted to move to Read the Docs! We just need to get the project to migrate done then we can kick off the translating! :tada:

We are also doing the same for the developer docs:

The repo for that is here:

Eventually, both will sit within mautic/mautic so that when you make a PR, you also include the documentation and developer documentation, and everything happens in one centralised place. That’s the long term vision … but right now we are at the crawl part of crawl / walk / run!


Hi @rcheesley

Thank you very much for all the information, very useful. :hugs:

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