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Mautic Plugin - Database Driven Custom Navigation

Hey guys,

So we have built a plugin that allows you to add custom navigation items that load within frame or external pages.

My personal object was to be able to embed my commands which I use on the regular, but has a broader scope and flexibility to allow us to add any URL as an internal page or link to external resource.

Let me know your thoughts

20201015 - Mautic - Database Driven Custom Navigation

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This is brilliant! Thank you for sharing!!!

Hi - I’ve been unable to get this installed on 3.1.2. Tried all the usual steps (i.e. clearing cache). Any suggestions?

What is the plugin directory folder name?


  • Copy folder to the plugin directory
  • Rename the plugin directory folder to “CustomNavigationLinksBundle”
  • Make sure you have full read/write access to the folder (the plugin will be rebuilding config files in the directory)
  • Install Plugin
  • Clear cache
  • Navigate to plugin via admin menu /s/navlinks/1
  • Create new
  • Select Location (Admin/Primary)
  • Label of the link
  • URL of the link
  • Nav type (_blank, iframe)
  • Save and Close
  • Clear Cache (This will rebuild the config files and update everything)


I followed your instructions and it installed perfectly. Not sure where i went wrong the first time, but thank you for the help and the exciting plugin!

Just stumbled over it and it looks very handy.
Nice work. Thank you for that!
I’ll start playing around with it.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to work with 3.2. Plugin doesn’t show up to install.

It does, got it running on 10 setups for the latest

make sure you
*Rename the plugin directory folder to “CustomNavigationLinksBundle” *

then clear your cache, then ping new/install plugin command

Thank you. We’ve got it working. Successful.

Great plugin. Just have one question on how to get it to pull the icon ?

I have added an icon png to media/images/. given it all the correct permissions, am able to access the url from a browser, however plugin is not pulling in icon next to new menu item.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Thank you! This is a much-needed plugin and it works great.

One note, I’m on Mautic 3.3.3 and the only way I could get the icon to work was to use one of the built-in ones that I found referenced in a file called ‘libraries.css’. Once I found that complete list of icons, I just picked on and put the name in the icon field in the plugin and it worked.

Adding the path to an image doesn’t work, either full or relative, because the code is not generating an img tag, but continues to use the span class on the icon.

Here is a screenshot - and thanks, again!

*Added to GitHub Issues also

I’m running Mautic 3.3.3 on ubunto 20.4 on AWS EC2.

I installed the Custom Links a few weeks ago and got it working correctly. However, when I tried to edit it later, the changes would not ‘take’. I tried to add a new link and that would not take either (and yes, there was lots of ‘clearing cache’ going on).

Nor could I delete the custom one I had added earlier. Even when I turned the plugin OFF in the plugins area, I could not get it to go away. In the end, I deleted the CustomNav bundle folder all together and cleared cached. Then it went away.

Then I reinstalled it. I added a new Custom Nav link, hit save, cleared cache again, and it will not show up. But… the ID of the new nav item shows ‘4’, so it seems to still be hanging on to the old install.

Any thoughts? I really like this plugin - just trying to get this one thing working with it!


Just wanted to update this. I was finally able to get this working by applying chmod 777 to the CustomNav directory (yes, I realize that is not a great solution). I did not have to do this when I first installed it.

Before applying 777 to it I first changed the owner and group to www-data and matched the permissions of the other Plugins (basically 775). This did not work - even with multiple ‘clear caches’.

So, I just made the directory 777 and it works. That doesn’t seem quite right to leave it like that, but I’m adding my comments here for some future reader!