Mautic re-send of deferred delivery?

In today’s email campaigns many receiving smtp servers will send out a deferred message or otherwise greylist a sending server to test if they are spam bots.

Does Mautic support the retry feature or is this always a function of the delivery agent such as Exim, Postfix, etc?

If it is a function of the delivery agent and we use an smtp server on our own domain which also hosts the Mautic server how would one setup the smtp login credentials for a local server?

I use phplist on other servers and it handles interaction with the localhost seamlessly. I’m a bit confused on how to get Mautic to talk to the local smtp instance for sending and if credentials must also be served. My confusion is because I am familiar with connecting to an external smtp server but everything I am speaking of above, is local.

Thank you in advance.

I believe I discovered the answer: just use localhost as the smtp server in Mautic and then (in cpanel/WHM anyway) exim will do the reloading of deferred emails.

If that is not correct someone please pipe in and let me know, otherwise this has been resolved.

Thank you.

I believe linux hosts have their own native spooling method for emails.