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Luv luv luv Mautic but questions remain on email power

I see that Mautic is an outstanding product and clearly has some very intelligent and dedicated people working on it. It’s more than an email campaign software which is awesome. I have many years of experience with phplist and although phplist does what it does reliably and without fault, it’s a bit slow in coming up to speed with the way the world communicates via broadcasts and emails. Mautic fills in that need nicely.

However, there is one area that is holding me back from completely embracing it and that is it’s outbound email functionality.

Here are a couple of questions that I can’t seem to find the answer to and it would help me decide if I want to transition our campaigns from phplist to Mautic.

  1. When emails are “staged” in which I mean they are dumped into the /spool directory for sending via cron, are they all sent out in one pass? I ask this question because many, if not most, email systems don’t like to get slammed by a connection from a server that wants to dump hundreds of emails all at once. So how are emails staged - and I don’t mean staged as in the Mautic “stage” function but rather in the queuing of large batches of emails.

  2. Are their limits on the amount that can be sent outbound within a time period?

  3. If the send email cron command repeats every say, every 15 minutes but you are sending thousands of emails, does it “step on itself” and resend the queue? In other words, how does it handle thousands of outbound emails without coughing and falling down?

Thank you.