Mautic URL Shorten / Rewrite - What is the expected webhook response?

With bitly v3 now defunct and v4 not compatible with mautic

Figured if I am rewriting URLs - may aswell pixel them at the same time and look at something more sophisticated

I am looking at options for my own rewriting tools, for which I have built out logic in n8n with
and link to replug (Branded URL shortener - 70% OFF Special Offer - Replug) I have the growth package with api access added on (support request)

My pains is
I can generate the shortened URL and mautic recieves it, but need to know what the mautic expected webhook response is.
Bitly V3 documentation is down so lacking references and V4 is vastly different.

Looked over the Mautic source code and unable to figure out what it is and the structure they are expecting in the response.

Tried a few different combinations but the test sms either comes in blank or with json

A major difference is how the data is delivered. Under V3 responses were contained in a data envelope and would look like this: