SMS Shorten URLS & Mautic tokens

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with using a link shortener similar to bitly in order to shorten a url, HOWEVER to also add in a mautic token like {contactfield=firstname}.

It seems YOURLS could be integrated into Mautic. I’m not sure how that will be done (I’m not a Developer).

For SMS tokens I think that should not affect the actual sms character count in the sense that {contactfield=firstname} will be replace with the actual first name, maybe a preview with word count might help and having to have text messages that are of less characters so that when it is sent, it does not use more than 1 SMS unit.

Hi @tobsowo
Thanks for the quick response. I am using shlink, however for the point of testing I went with bitly.

I created an access token and followed the instructions here:

Ifixed the link as it should be api- whatever,

the issue is it does not seem like it is working

Maybe we might have someone that could help, I have not used the URL Shortener before. I created a post to request for this feature just like we have for Email Settings where it is easy to have providers already listed and we just add the necessary configuration information e.g. YOURLS, Bitly, Shlink etc.

The feature request is here: Support for URL Shortener