Mautic x Zoho: Mautic doesn't pull leads from Zoho

Hey there fellow Mauticians,

I have encountered a humongous problem with the Mautic x Zoho integration via the Zoho-plugin. I can push Mautic contacts to the Zoho CRM with the “push the integration”, but Mautic does not pull any contacts from the Zoho CRM to Mautic. In the plugin-configuration i ticked the “Pull contacts and/or companies from integration” checkbox, but neither contacts/leads nor companies from Zoho get pulled into Mautic. I am unsure wheter I made a mistake on my side or if there is a bug in the plugin.

Any help is very much appreciated.

Hi Leon, welcome to the Mautic Community Forums!

I tested this integration only a few weeks ago and was able to successfully pull contacts into Zoho.

A couple of questions:

  • Have you got any errors in your error log (System settings > System info > Logs) at all?
  • What version of Mautic/PHP?
  • Is your cron job set up and working?
  • How have you set up the sync fields - which are going from Mautic to Zoho and vice versa?

Hi Ruth,

First of all, thanks for the very quick response. :slight_smile:

  • I don’t have any errors related to the Zoho Plugin in the Error Log
  • PHP Version is 7.0.33 and Mautic Version is 2.15.3
  • Do i have to setup a new Cron for the Plugin? I set up the Crons which are required to get Mautic to work, but nothing beyond that. I am not that well versed in Cron Jobs i got to admit.
  • I set up the sync fields which are required - For Contact Mapping I used “Company, Email, Last Name”, for Company Mapping “Accountname -> Company Name”

Take a look at this:

The cron you need to add is: mautic:integration:fetchleads --integration=Zoho

This pulls in the contacts from Zoho :slight_smile:

It works fine now, thanks for the advice @rcheesley : )

Wonderful, that’s great to hear! I’ve marked the post above as the solution!

Hi Everyone,
I have a similar problem with Zoho integration:

  1. Mautic pulls just the “new” contacts and not the existing ones. It seems that my existing contacts on Zoho (about 3000) are being ignored by Mautic. When instead I create a new one, or I convert a “Lead” into a “Contact”, it gets pulled.

  2. I have some custom fields in Zoho and I have mapped them inside Mautic’s plugin configuration. However, the fields are not really pulled and updated. For example I have a checkbox in Zoho’s contacts which can be true/false. I created the same in Mautic, custom field “boolean”. Mapped this field in the integration panel. It’s not pulling anything. There’s another field in Zoho, “Products” which is a list. Likewise I created the custom field in Mautic, with exactly the same values. They are not updated.

Any idea?