#Mautic5 Create a plugin "Marketing Messages" and delete from core

I propose to remove the “Marketing Messages” part from the core of Mautic and make it a plugin.
After many discussions I have not been able to find a concrete use case for this functionality.

Is it relevant to keep it in the Mautic core?
It is possible to :

  • Remove the feature from the core and make it a plugin
  • If no one uses it, simply delete the feature.

What do you think?
@escopecz this is in line with the clean up you want to do on Mautic 5.


Marketing messages was a big feature at the time. The marketer would write content of the message for different channels (email, sms, chat, …) and the contacts themselves would choose which channel they prefer. And later on a AI could choose the optimal channel for each contact.

The idea was revolutionary. But I’m not sure if anyone use it. I think it’s all wrapped in the ChannelBundle so it shouldn’t be hard to make a plugin out of it. I would vote to remove it from the core and make it a plugin.


Thanks @escopecz for your feedback.
Your explanation is interesting about the idea behind this feature. I discover the vision thanks to your message.

How do I go about launching a vote on this topic @rcheesley?


Simply use the ‘vote’ button at the top of the page. That’s how we determine what is popular in the ideas category.

Would be good to get input from others on this, I think it’s a feature which is very useful if you use it, but if you don’t, it’s quite confusing.

Hello @rcheesley,

I totally agree the functionality should remain present if there are people using it.
As @escopecz suggests it would make sense in a plugin and not in the core of Mautic.