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Meeting notes Wednesday 1st July

Hi @ here ! Happy to be back on board after those months being overwhelmed by my daughter at home and work still running. I’m now (almost) up to date and ready to help mautic community :mautibot: Let’s start by a non planed TEAM PRODUCT MEETING !This is an asynchronous Slack meeting, you’ll have 24h to participate to topics listed in threads and we’ll report the whole content of this meeting in the Mautic Forums.Feel free to share your opinion, suggestion and give your contribution by carrying certain topics !

Dennis Ameling (he/him) @Norman Pracht non-planned? It was planned for yesterday afternoon :joy: every 2 weeks on Tuesday hahahaha :see_no_evil:
Norman Pracht (Yes not planned today :p)

:zero: Introductions - Who are you, where are you based, and how are you involved with this team?

Norman Pracht I’m still Norman, proudly named as Team Product Leader. But hopefully working with our Project Leader @Ruth Cheesley (she/her) and Team Product Assistant @Dennis Ameling (he/him), both doing an amazing job as you could probably recently with the launch of Mautic 3.0.1 and Mautic 2.16.3 !
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) Hello all, Ruth - Project Lead, based in the UK and long term contributor!
Dennis Ameling (he/him) Dennis here, based in NL and happy to assist the Product team with various code and non-code related things! Currently pushing very hard to help the team get through the massive backlog :smile: :rocket:PS WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you have any spare time to assist with code and non-code related tasks, please start at (edited)
Abu Musa Hello All,Mohammad, based in Jordan. Happy to to assist the Product team in verifying issues and submitting some fixes

:one: Review last meeting’s notes and actions (Share a link to the notes in a threaded reply, and call out any actions as sub tasks)

:one: . :one: - Mautic 3.0.0, 3.0.1 and 2.16.3

Norman Pracht Just wanted to add a word about that. We were in time for the release delivery expecially thanks to @Ruth Cheesley (she/her) and @Dennis Ameling (he/him).Such a good way to show the new mautic timeline era !
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) Going well so far. We are tracking update statuses at and reviewing the info we have on failures to see if there are any patterns emerging. Forum is the main place for support/troubleshooting

:two: Review Trello tasks (share a link to the Trello board in a threaded reply -->

Abu Musa @Norman Pracht can you please give me access to this, I want to have view only access. my email is (edited)
Norman Pracht Just done, you may have received an invitation for it :slightly_smiling_face:
Norman Pracht Thanks !
Abu Musa @Norman Pracht just got it, thanks

:two: . :one: - Manage mautic 2 legacy

Norman Pracht
Norman Pracht It has been decided that we’ll only create new patch version of Mautic 2 series to maintain security issues.Starting from that we can assume we can now :Remove issues reported by mautician on M2 series only from Github.Close M2 only pending PRsInform github users of that choice by changing PR and issues template(edited)
Norman Pracht I’d like a common agreement before moving forward on those 3 points.
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) I agree with those steps
Dennis Ameling (he/him) Agree
Norman Pracht

:two: . :two: - Review repository accesses (edited)

Norman Pracht
Norman Pracht In the mautic community policy, we agreed that to have a “management” role, you need to be a regular contributor in any team.In consequence, i think we could review that code access we have today. I think it has never been reviewed and previous Acquia’s collaborators (and even from my team) still have right access while not contributing anymore.Same for some third contributors.
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) 100% agree with this!
Norman Pracht @Ruth Cheesley (she/her) can you review the list of Acquian engineers ?
Norman Pracht On my side we can remove enc3phale, johbuch. (edited)
Norman Pracht Also, as repo owner, you can probably see the team/list of users. By clicking on each of them you should be able to see how recently they contributed (with the user graph)
Norman Pracht On my side i cannot add or remove users.
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) I would suggest to reach out to them and let them know we plan to remove them - it’s a bit jarring to get the notification of being removed from a team without communication - I can take that on as a sub task

** :two: . :three: Starting work on 3.0.2 planed for release on 27th of July** WE NEED TESTERS AND DEVELOPPERS

Norman Pracht
Norman Pracht We need as much testers and developers as possible to test, review and eventually modify code (or add tests) to pending PRs listed here
Norman Pracht Any other bugfix in the pending PRs list and not milestoned yet can be added to 3.0.2 if and only if it gets: - Proper instructions on how to test the PR - At least 2 positive reviews - Automated tests - No conflict - Documentation if relevant
Norman Pracht Note that the triage to make a PR as candidate for this patch version stops the 19th of July ! (edited)
Nick Veenhof @Norman Pracht happy to help test. Where can I find what is most urgent?
Nick Veenhof I suppose in the list you posted above, doh! Need to read better :slight_smile:
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) We have milestones on Github :slightly_smiling_face:
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) I would maybe start with these as they just need one test.
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) And then these ones which need two tests (excluding where we are pending feedback)

:three: Any other business

Dennis Ameling (he/him) The developer docs urgently need to be updated now that M3 is out. Do we create a separate branch for v3 developer docs or just update the existing ones? @Ruth Cheesley (she/her) any thoughts on this?
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) Hmmm, does Slate have any way to manage versions? I vaguely recall looking into that a long while ago
Dennis Ameliing (he/him) Also would love to start including Codeception into the CI pipeline soon. @Ruth Cheesley (she/her) I can’t remember if you were writing your Codeception tests against M2 or M3, mind pointing me at the branch you were doing this in? :slightly_smiling_face: UPDATE: this one? (edited)
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) I did 2 PR’s :slightly_smiling_face:
Ruth Cheesley (she/her)
Dennis Ameling (he/him) Slate developer docs: there was a feature request to allow multiple versions but it got closed out of the blue (edited)
Dennis Ameling (he/him) Thanks!! Will test those Codeception PRs during the weekend :rocket: (edited)
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) I have a third locally but it is still WIP

Participants: Dennis Ameling (he/him) (@dennisameling), Norman Pracht (@npracht) , Ruth Cheesley (she/her) (@rcheesley), Abu Musa (@m.abumusa , Nick Veenhof (@Nick_vh)