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Migrating mautic but can't get it use the new path on the new server for cache etc

Needing help community. I am moving a few mautics to a new server. I have done this before with out issue. I even wrote a guide here on slack on how to do it. But this time it won’t work. It seems the path to the various folders mautic needs to write or access are different on the new server to the old server. I have updated the configuration in local.php with the new path but the error log shows mautic is still using the old path from the old server. How can I get mautic to use the new path to the cache folder etc?

I hate to answer indirectly, but when I’m chasing a problem like this I download a copy of my mautic directory and use Treesize file search (search file content + case insensitive) to search for relevant occurrences to my problem in every file in the directory. It helps tremendously.

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