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move bounced email to other segments


Although I love mautic some simple (IMO) are driving me crazy.
How do I move contacts from one segments if the email is bounced?

My logic says that I create a campain and add a condition to do that. But I can’t find anything to perform this task

Can anyone please help ?

Kind Regards

Check here -->

Use the search forums option before post there are a lot of question that has been answered and reply already. Help us keep the forums clean and update.

Hi thanks for the reply.

The url is not wokring. this seems to work:
If this is correct then the use of filtes is suggested.
Filters on segments are a mess. I am going to report a bug since this is not working on my end.
Besides this I am talking about moving the contacts not filtering them.
Thanks again. Would love to find a solution for this