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Move from Cloud Free to Self-Hosted Instance?

I’ve been an avid Cloud Free user for years.
It’s now time to move to a self-hosted instance of Mautic.
I’ve got it activated on my server, but want to import to Cloud Free database so that I don’t lose data, campaigns, tags, history, etc.

There’s got to be a way to do this.
Can anyone offer any insight?


It’s called “move” and Google is your friend:

It’s hosted on cloud free, not on my server.

I’ve seen this article but can’t access the database etc.

If you are in Mautic Free Cloud [] you need contact Mautic and they will give you a backup of your database after that you need to import in the self hosted

I’ve tried that through Slack and this forum. Slack questions go unanswered and I can’t find any other viable way to contact them.

Do you have any suggestions? The only support section I can find: links to here, the github repo, or the slack channel.

The one downside to Mautic is their lack of accessibility for a free user.

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