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MTC ID on Contact Tracking is getting mixed up between contacts

I am having an issue with setting up the tracking system from my 3rd party system page views to Mautic contacts dashboard.

I recently migrated my platform from the Mautic online platform to a dedicated private cloud platform.

I imported the contacts from the old platform to the new one. So far it was all updated successfully. But now contacts are being mixed up.

The “fingerprint” solution for tracking was the default one. What is happening is that a single contact is having its info (ex. email) switched back and forth between two contacts.

What I suspect so far is that 2 different users in our 3rd party platform have the same fingerprint or “mtc_id”.

I am running out of options on documentation that makes this issue more clear to me, so that is why I am bringing it up here.

Thank you in advance for anyone who can help me understand the issue.