Multiple emails per contact

Many of our contacts have office assistants which they want a copy of email sent to their inbox.

I haven’t tried yet but I am sure I could add more emails to a contact by creating a custom field and set it as email on assistant-1 email and assistant-2 email and make it unique identifier.

First question:
If the contact is in a segment where I am sending email out to, will it sent out to all 3 email address or just the contact primary address? (We want it to go out to all 3 addresses.)

Second question:
If we make this custom field in a contact, what will happen to the contact that already own this email address? (we did create assistant contact with their name but problem was the opening email was their name when we want it to be the executive’s name not the assistant’s name so we are trying to figure out how to add the email to the executive contact and delete all the assistant contact from Mautic)

While waiting for answer, I did some testing and at least I know it does not send email to contact custom email field only to the contact default email address.

Does anyone know if this is doable or not?

Yes I know, it’s not possible.

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Thank you for letting me know …