Send email to secondary email address?

I’m very new to Mautic.

I have a list of Contacts in a segment and would like to launch a campaign that sends an email to the Contact’s supervisor email (instead of the Contact).

Both the Contact and Supervisor email are available but the Contact email seems to be the default. Any way I can change the email to send to the supervisor?

Any help is appreciated.

How many supervisors do you have? 1-10 / 10-100 / 100-1000 ?

There are approximately 100 contacts who have supervisor emails addresses.

Future emails would be larger, approximately 400-500.


there might be a way to do this by subscribing to correct events in the core but I have not done it so far. These are events that I think are worth checking out for this situation: EmailEvents::ON_EMAIL_ADDRESS_TOKEN_REPLACEMENT, EmailEvents::TOKEN_REPLACEMENT

The lazy way to do this I think to just switch lead and supervisor email addresses especially - but then again this might not be applicable in your situation.

Why not register the Supervisors as a contact with a special field or tag?
Would the supervisor get an email every time a contact gets an email?

You can use token in CC or BCC and this token can be the supervisor’s email.

Would love to understand more the mechanics.

My project has contacts that are linked to a CRM, with the contact (student) being the primary. When contacts are added to Mautic we have other demographic information loaded along with the contact’s info (two elements being the Supervisor name and email).

We want to send the Contact’s supervisor an email that asks to fill out a survey about the student’s performance. So, we want to send the email only to the supervisor (and not the Contact/student).

Being that I’m very new to Mautic, I’m not really sure how to register the supervisor as a contact with a special tag/field?

I can’t think of a way this can work out of the box. But with a little programming it’s doable.
You really need relational database entries, but it’s not available at the moment in Mautic. It’s work in progress. This plugin will allow it:

Thought you might like to know what I ended up doing…

I downloaded a csv file that contained all student and supervisor information. I had to unduplicate the file by supervisor so they didn’t get sent more than one email. Then, I uploaded the supervisor name and email address as new contacts (importing into a segment and associating with a tag).

This process allowed me to assign a campaign to the supervisor segment and send out the email.

So the solution is to use everyone as contacts. In this case there is no automation based on the relation. Anyway, good workaround.

What you want to do is in SuiteCRM create a contact type for “Supervisor” Then create a one to many relationship in SuiteCRM. Contacts to contacts. Then when SuiteCRM sync’s to Mautic you can just send emails to “Supervisors” and define “supervisors” as a segment. There will be no duplicates since one contact per Supervisor related to many students.