Sending contact info to a contact owner based on a trigger


Is the following case something that we can do with Mautic.

A lead scoring strategy has been implemented and if a contact hits 50 points by performing actions, if this happens the contact owner receives an email saying:

Hi Contact Owner

Your contact XXXX has been really active lately
Please give them a call on XXXX
Or email them on XXXX.

With the assumption that we have all the contact information in the profile of the contact.

The way I thought this was possible was via point triggers, but I haven’t managed to get it right.

Anyone got an idea?


You can create a segment for contacts above 50 points.
Then create a campaign based on this segment where the action is ‘send email to user’.
Here you can send an email with the text:
{contactfield=firstname} {contactfield=lastname} with the rmail {contactfield=email} has been active, contact this person. «

Make sure the email is « send to owner »

Thanks Joey, exactly what I needed! :slight_smile:

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