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Email to admin on lead generation

Can I configure mautic to send email to admin whenever a lead generates?

Can I configure mautic to send email to admin whenever a lead generates?


Yes by using standalone forms.
Then add a user to a list (i.e contact lists) and than start any campaign when users enter this list.
You have to configure actions for this form.

@auto I think you need to describe little more what type of action is needed for achieving this notification email.
I have not found any way to get a lead notification to my email inbox when someone signes up on my list yet.
I know that Aweber has this function where you get a lead notification to your own email inbox on subscription source, country, ip and email every time a lead is generated.

OK. I Think i can help you, so i will try. :slight_smile:
You have to create a form but you must choose a standalone type of form and not a campaign form.
So with this standalone form, when you create it you will navigate to actions.
In the actions area, you will click on the
“Add a Submit Action” button. There you can choose “send email to user” or even “send form results”

Both of these options will send an email to a mautic user that you will specify (the admin or you). (In The second option uncheck the send to contact option, or else the contact will also get the email.)

Now, 2 thinks to keep in mind:

  1. Standalone forms cant be used for campaigns. So you have to find a way ta start a campaign to send additional emails or whatever. In Order to achieve that, you have to add one more action. You have to modify contacts list (segments) put them in a list (segment from version 1.4 and on). So you have to create a new segment called leads (or contacts from 1.4 version and on). Now you can start campaigns by kickstarting your campaign from the contact segment

  2. Standalone forms can be submitted multiple times. So if the same lead-contact submits this form you will get 2 emails but in reality there is only one lead. So you have to design the logic correctly in order to avoid this issue, by forcing new users to submit only once this specific form

I hope i helped. If an other user has a better workaround i will be happy to hear it.
But this works.

Thanks for this great help @auto .Is there any way or some type of technical solution for this to work on campaign forms? I have 15+ campaign forms and it is very difficult to check every form result daily.

Hi @raman92. I don’t know how you have set up your campaigns, but if every time a lead is created you send them an email, what about making a cc to yourself? Will that help? You can edit that in the email setup. In case you dont send them an email, what about setting up an email with just a thank you on it (just in order to cc yourself). Is this helping?

Why you don’t use a CRM like SuiteCRM or SugarCRM to the leads?

For a sample, you can Install the SugarCRM plugin and push the lead to SugarCRM in the campaigns.


I just developed a plugin that add “send alert” action to a campaign :).
Enjoy and sorry if you find errors, we are using the plugin and is fine for now.

Repo and install instructions:

Enjoy and sorry if you find errors, we are using the plugin and is fine for now.[/quote]

Hi cronosmen, I tried this, can’t find the item on the campaign. This is a filtered based segment campaign. Not Forms. Any ideas?