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Need help with form

Good Helper I need your help !!
I look into this form when the user puts his EMAIL and press submit to display a thanks message (OK) and reload the form. I tried to use jquery but no way can someone help me please ?

@billn I open the link fill the email but got nothing , this is mautic form ? Have you create mautic form perfectly and integrated properly ?

Hello @bizcrony thanks for you interesting this is the main form i want an alert say thank when submit and after reload form

i am tried so hard but i cant do nothing please give me your light !!! :slight_smile:

@billn , did your mautic store the data as i filled ?

i dont see your name in my contacts

I Put the emails …

@bizcrony dear i need to have a thanks message when i submit the form and after 1-5 seconds reload the form . i am tried 4 days at my work and i cant :frowning:

maybe i need something like this function confirmInput() {

but its doesnt work at mautic

I need to check … your mautic… over all … how can we do that.

i only give code to my boss and he puts it in builder.
Unfortunately i havent passwords thanks for you try dear i appreciate this :slight_smile:

can i redirect url when submit for 3-5 seconds and after reload the form ?

NO need to put any code , you can do it while you making mautic form simply.

have you skype to add you ???


@bizcrony thank you
you are very helpful and willing to help and very politely I offer him unreservedly
Thank you again and again !!

MOst welcome

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