New feature - feedback needed!: Ability to create additional point scorings beside than only "points" field

Today only one point scoring field exits for each object :
Contactfield points
Companyfield points

In hubspot, or Watson Campaign Automation, it’s possible different point scoring. You can score independantly signals and related them to :
Interest points
Engagement points

Therefore when adding points we could choose which one we choose to increment…

Hi folks,

We have a PR to implement this but we need some help with the terminology used.

Currently we have had a majority of people involved from the author’s company, and we’d like a more representative opinion on what to call this.

Please check the message above and use the appropriate emoji to suggest your thoughts.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please use an emoji on the GitHub message above for your ‘vote’ to count! Thanks!

We’d like to get this PR merged as soon as possible, so if you can do this within the next week it would be much appreciated! Thanks! :mautibot:

:rocket: or :+1:t2: make most sense to me.

Awesome, please pop those on the GitHub thread above, if that’s possible! It helps us to centralise things in one place. Thanks so much for providing your input, much appreciated!