New mautic install and preexisting contact list

Mautic version is: v3.2.5
My PHP version is: 7.3.26
My Database type and version is: percona server 5.7.32

I am pretty new to marketing (20years sysadmin and dev) but at this momment very interested to switch into marketing, so excuse me if my question is so simple.

I have a new Mautic install and a site with the tracking enabled since some days and it has created around 5000 anonymous contacts automatically (no forms, no nothing yet on the site to link ip/contact to an email).
Also I have a contact list from the site with around 40K contacts. That list have the following fields:

  • name
  • email
  • zipcode
  • is_lead
  • date_lead
  • is_profesional
  • date_profesional
  • is_customer
  • date_customer
  • is_usingalerts
  • date_alert_last
  • use_feature_1
  • date_feature_1
  • use_feature_n
  • date_feature_n

I need to import them to Mautic and link any user to the existing contact on Mautic but not sure how to archieve it or even if it is possible.

After the import there I have another doubt:
When other new users fill forms in the existing application (lets say a newsletter) will not be added and tracked automatically to Mautic.
My guess is that we will need to ‘notify’ Mautic about the event : { ‘user’: ‘’, ‘use_newsletter’: true, ‘date_newsletter’: ‘yyyy/mm/dd’ }.
How it is that archieved?

And a third doubt: If the new email does not exists mautic will create the new contact, but if it exists will Mautic update the proper fields? (use_newsleter, date_newsletter in the example)

Excuse the extension of my first post :slight_smile:

Hello @IvanG , welcome to the Community.

Did you mean you want to connect your anonymous users to identified users?
That actually happens upon interactions. Let me start from the beginning.

  1. As first step create the fields in Mautic (some of them, like email, firstname, etc are already created.)
    You can do it by Settings > Custom fields.
    Make sure you use the right format (string number, etc)

  2. You create a csv file for your upload and pair the fields during the first step of the upload process.

  3. When someone fills out a form they will be paired with an existing user (if the cookie exists or the email exists) OR a new user is created (if the email is new.). You don’t need any special code as long you use the Mautic form javascript.

  4. I didn’t get about the third doubt.

One more things:

  • If you send out a newsletter and someone opens/clicks them, then they will be paired with the anonymous OR known user who visited your page (if it’s on the same device.)


Thanks for your quick answer.

ok to 1 and 2.
About the 3rd point I simplified too much the issue, let me explain;
we currently have existing workflows in our web application where we are catching the contact for business purpose on different application pages (different services, different pages).
I am wondering if there is anyway (via javascript api calls I guess) to create/update the contact information.


  • Let’s say one user is new to the site: mautic will create an anonymous user
    If the user registers through our current login, we need somehow to notify mautic the user’s email in order mautic udpates the anonymous user with his email.
  • Same applies to an already registered user in the website: He will get an ‘anonymous user’ in Mautic but we need to ‘link’ manually to the user’s email. In this case we need to update the already known is_whateverfields in mautic
  • Once the user is non-anonymous in mautic and then he makes a purchase of a service (in our app) I will need to update the field ‘use_feature_X’ in Mautic.

The idea is not only use Mautic as a traffic/leads converter but also track external events (service bought) in order to be able to segment better the database.

Is that possible?

Yes all of this is possible.
You can fire a Mautic tracking cookie in an website and populate the contact in Mautic. If you use email as key, then it will be added to a known user otherwise the cookie will be used to match with an anonymous user. The anon user will be turned into known contact once the email is disclosed.

Check this:

Also this: