No Contact Email Addresses Data Base Table

My idea is:

Privacy has become an essential issue with online marketing!

The European GDPR rules, the local rules of many states in the USA and many other country rules demand the “Right to Forget” and/or the deletion of personal data from marketing databases.

One can delete a contact record set in Mautic but what then? The contact info is gone!
How to know if someone has been a contact at one time and then has ask to delete his/her info. The solution could be a separate database table that stores email addresses only - nothing else

In the Mautic database tables the contact is deleted, but the email address is moved to this separate database table “No Contact”

Mautic checks with addition of each new contact record if the email address is stored in the “No Contact” table. If not stored, Mautic adds the new record info if yes, the Mautic admin has to take action.

I think these groups of people would benefit from this idea:
All users of MAutic

Why I think they would benefit from this idea:
Legal issues