OneClick-Unsubscribe and the Category-System


the current Implementation of the One-Click-Unsubscribe-Functionality aims to set the Contact to “doNotContact”.

For our Company, this is a rather problematic solution, because we use the Category-System of Mautic to differentiate different Email-Types, for example a Contact can have assigned the following Categories:

  1. Apple-Newsletter
  2. Peach-Newsletter
  3. Banana-Newsletter

For each Category, we have one or more Segments with a corresponding Filter like:
Contact has Category: Apple-Newsletter, which leads to Contacts being Members of different Segments depending on the Categories they are assigned to, and therefore receiving different Kind of Mails as well.

This leads to the following Problems with OneClickUnsubscribe:
If a Contact doesnt want to receive Apple-Newsletter anymore, and uses the OneClickUnsubscribe, he/she will be set do DoNotContact and never receive any Emails even though he/she is still interested in Peach-Newsletter and Banana-Newsletter.

Are there plans to better integrate the existing Category-System in Mautic into the OneClickUnsubscribe?

Also, regarding the Email-Headers for OneClick-Unsubscribe, we found that there should be a “List ID Header” which identifies the actual List from which the User wants to unsubscribe from. How is it possible in Mautic to dynamically set this Header? For now, i only found the Option to set it in the Email-Module (Edit Email → advanced) like this:

Bildschirmfoto 2024-02-07 um 09.12.00

But this is only a manual way of setting the List-ID. Is there some other way to set it dynamically, or are there future Implementation-Plans for this?