Only show last 3 digits of bank number... possible?

We have the bank account number stored in a custom field but when using it in emails we want/need to show only the last 3 digits of the bank account with a * in front of it (e.g. *456).

Is it somehow possible to mask data of a custom field when using it in an email?

You can create a custom token: {emailbanknumber}, which looks up this custom field and replaces the mentioned token with just 3 digits.

Or you can just create another field that contains last three numbers of the bank account - and then use that field in email.

Ok - Iā€™m totally new to custom tokens. Will have a look into it.

If you can share tips that would of course be welcome.

Hi, I wrote a simple plugin for you, which does what you asked for: < GitHub - mzagmajster/mautic-token-bundle: Add custom token to Mautic >.

Most of the magic happens here: EventListener/EmailSubscriber.php, plugin needs field iban to function correctly and it registers a custom token: {ibanmasked}

Here is a screenshot from email:

Regards, M.


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