Organizing subscribers via segments

I use segment for each of my website…but under user you cant sort the users or display users from only specific segment…why is not there a column to show which segment do they belong?

And how to export users only from specific segment?

You can create a segment membership report and export from there.
Also: in pref center you can see the membership for 1 contact:


where exactly do you do that ? membership report
If I click on specific segment all users are listed there…but i cant export from there…
this is a must…right now I have checked exported excel file and there is no mention of any segment…
why mautic does not do that?
and will I be able to import my list into specific segment ?
it is so simple to add column where the contacts are listed…or filters when you export…I have no clue why Mautic ignores that…

In my opinion it is never good to import into a segment. I usually add a tag, that qualifies a person for a segment membership. It’s just easier to deal with this later if you use this system.

For segment membership report do this:
Reports - Data source: Segment membership
Choose the following columns:
Contact ID, Email (and whatever you want)
Filter: segment (choose the segment)
Run the report, and export in the format you like.

Regarding import, you can add the tag ‘vegan’ to your import (right upper corner).
Import all the contacts.
Than make a segment where members should have that tag.

OK I will need to import 10000k list so I dont want to make any mistake
in import I should select same tag as the segment name and it will be imported into that segment or I need to make an action to add it to that segment?

How many segments you will have?

There are many videos about this, here is one:

If you have many segments, you might want to use custom fields instead of tags. Tags can be assigned 1x / whole import. Custom fields can be assigned 1 by 1

If you mess up, you can delete all any time.
Make sure you enable background processing for a 10k import.
Set up the proper cron as well.

i see, thank you
but how to do it with custom fields?