"Page hit" event type doesn't appear in the main history tab (contact)

Your software
My Mautic version is: v4.4.8
My PHP version is: PHP Version 7.4.33

Your problem
I have installed the tracking code on my Wordpress site, but

In the documentation it reads: " “Page hit” event type will also appear in the main history tab" – but it doen’t on my sites.

Do you know, what I’m doing wrong?

If these visits are coming from non-identified contacts, they are ‘hidden’ behind the anonimous users filter.
Click here to see all visits:

Hi joeyk, thanks!
I forgot to mention that the event type is visible for the anonymous contacts, but not for the identified contacts.
I have tried to:

  1. added contacts with an embedded form from Mautic
  2. added contacts with an Elementor Pro form and the elementic plugin (to pass input to mautic)
    I have tried to use different browsers (and devices to) on my test contacts, but no luck.

Could it be a cookie issue between Wordpress and Mautic?

You said the key sentence:
Elementor / Elementric does incoplete tracking.

This is what happens:

  1. Your visitors come to the website. They get a Mautic ID, saved in the Mautic cookie and appear as uknown contact.
  2. They fill out the form. You’ll see, that the unknown contact has visited the page. But you’ll also notice a new entry in the form associated with a new contact with a new contact id. The uknown contact won’t get a new mautic cookie placed, it won’t be overwritten, it will be ignored.
  3. The visitor comes back / continous to visit. It should be now an identified contact, but it’s not, because the mautic cookie is still the old one belonging to the uknown contact. The newly identified contact’s cookie is not placed anywhere.

The problem is that Elementor doesn’t send contact id of the unknown person, just creates a new contact. At the same time the new contact id is not saved in the cookie.

The solution would be the ability for elementric to read out the mautic cookie, and post this info together with the form fields. I could never make it work.

This is why I use the Mautic Default forms. Since I can be creative with the design and embed the code, I don’t look back at any other form builder.


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I thought I’d tried to use regular forms, but I guess I skipped some of the kode, thinking it was passed to the site with the WP Mautic plugin. Now it works like a charm!

I’ll check out your video for design – and thanks for sharing your knowledge! As a elementor user it just seemed to good to be true with the plugin to integrate in the workflow. But it makes totally sense with the cookie / ids

Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

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