Mautic does not track users when they change from visitor to identified contact

Hi people & support, :slight_smile:

I will tell you what is happening to me, in case you can give me some idea of what to look for.

I have a Mautic on a server (4.2.1) and a WP with WooCommerce on another server.

I log in as an unidentified user to the store and browse the store. Mautic identifies the “visitor” by IP and does the tracking of what I am visiting on the web.

Without deleting cookie and without changing browser, I log into the store with username/password. The mautic_id remains the same as I have not changed user_agent or IP or anything.

After registering, it assigns me another mautic_id and creates in Mautic a “new” contact to which it adds the initial tracking of registered user, tagged, etc.

Note: I use WP Fusion PRO to integrate WooCommerce with Mautic.

If after a while I go back with the same browser, same IP, but logged in as a shopper in the store, it no longer tracks my visits to products, blog, etc.

It is as if Mautic stopped merging the mauitc_id that I had when I was an unidentified user (visitor) with the mautic_id of the user already identified as a contact.

Has something like this happened to you? I have several installations of Mautic with 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 and it does not happen to me, only in 4.2.0, so I wanted to rule out that it was not a bug and that it really is a bug in some configuration, although I doubt it.

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Hello @gnumax,

Can you confirm your perform your test with a browser disconnected from Mautic session?


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Hi @pierre_a :slight_smile:

Correct, I test from another browser (also from a mobile with another IP and same user/email) and it does not track the previously identified contact.


Hello Pierre, thank you in advance for your interest in my problem. :hugs:

Checked steps of logout/user cache browser&var/cache :+1:

We are sending the event mt(‘send’, ‘pageview’, {email: ‘’, firstname: ‘John’}); from our WP but Mautic don’t update the contact with this emails and firstname, do you know why Mautic don’t update the contact? we have the mtc_id 27 in our session of WP and the contact 27 in Mautic are not updated.


If you are looking for a contact with the e-mail address “” does it exist in your Mautic contact database?


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Hi @pierre_a :slight_smile:

Advanced Site Tracking: Enabling this option activates some additional tracking methods unique to WP Fusion. When Advanced Site Tracking is active:

If an anonymous visitor on your site is being tracked in Mautic, and later registers an account, submits a form, or makes a purchase, WP Fusion will merge the anonymous tracking data with the new contact record. This gives you a more complete picture of the visitor’s history on your site before they provided an email address.

If a user is logged in to your site, WP Fusion will send a mt(‘send’, ‘pageview’, {“email”:“EMAILADDRESS”} ); event to Mautic’s tracking script, to track pageviews for logged in users in cases where they default Mautic tracking can’t properly identify them.

I rely on the official documentation of the plugin: Site Tracking Scripts | WP Fusion

And the Mautic documentation :wink: