Pause all campaigns for one week?

Hey there,

Is it possible to take a running campaigns stop them for one week and then continue from where i stopped them?

I need to send few emails next week and with running funnel i don’t want to send to many emails and it will be great if there is a way to stop it and continue from where i stopped next week.

Is it possible?

This is really hard.
If you turn off the campaign execution crons (trigger / update) you might have a similar effect.
But if you have 2 events scheduled for during this time, then they will be executed when you turn the light back on.


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Hey, thanks for your answer.

So what you mean is if i have 2 events scheduled for today and i pause it for a week and i continue the 2 off them will run at the same time i continue the time?

My thought was that if i stop it it will exclude a scheduled mail that was already set or send it anyway if due i stopped the campaign as the time was already set.

There is also the option to set mautic to only send one mail but from what i understand it seems like an experiment that will be to risky.

So it seems like my best bet is to go into all the campaign and st only one day of the week I can send messages (like sunday) and then i will have the rest of the week free.

If you have better idea than that please let me know.
Thanks again for your help