Personal email template with buttons and so

I’ve seen there’s a “Personal email” template.

When I select it I start with a template that really looks a “normal email” being sent out but…

When I want to add a button to it I can’t drop it!


How can I add elements to the “personal email” template?


You try this with GrapeJS-Editor… I deactivated it and chosen the classic-editor - this one is more robust and without so many bugs.
Does the TrullyPersonal email template have also the mjml version? I suppose not, as the file email.mjml.twig is missing inside the template folder.

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if I recalled correctly, the button is it own element and if you are trying to drop it inside a text element or any other element, it won’t work.

You have to drop it as it own element inside a column

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If I remember correctly, you can’t use MJML right now for “looking like personal” mails. Those are mostly left aligned and afaik you can’t have a left aligned (not centered) layout with MJML.

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It should be possible to add a button as its own element as @techbill mentions.

However, as @dirk_s points out, MJML emails will always be centered. This is a limitation of MJML. So we have to use HTML emails to get a “personal” look.

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