New Email Editor "components" difference

I’ve noticed that there is a difference in the “components” available between the “blank” template and the other “templates” in the new editor email, as shown in these screenshots.

Blank Template

Other Templates

We have created a new email template for ourselves using the new MJML markup and we get the same components offered as the “Other Templates” above, however, we would like to be able to use dynamic content in the template, as we did previously and is shown as available as a component for the “blank template” above.

I’ve looked at the make up of the blank template and can see nothing particularly special about it that would change all the components available. Is it because the “blank” template isn’t MJML?

Is it possible to use dynamic content for a new MJML template?

Your software
My Mautic version is : 4.0.0
My PHP version is : 7.4.24
My MySQL version is: 8.0.18

Hi there,

Dynamic content isn’t yet available with MJML emails. It’s a feature we need to add but didn’t have the capacity to do that before the 4.0 release.

You can find the rest of the issues in the GitHub issue queue here: Issues · mautic/mautic · GitHub

If you need to use dynamic content you’ll need to either use the legacy editor, or use a HTML theme for the time being.

Thanks @rcheesley, I’ll watch the ticket on Github.

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Hi @da644,

I too have been using the new email editor. When I selected the “blank” template as my base, added content into this template, and sent myself an example (both gmail and outlook), somehow the style/layout of the email is messed up (or missing). Does this happen to you?


@davidmyeyes To be honest, I’ve not actually tried sending an email using the blank template, or any of the other built in templates, we created a custom MJML template and that works fine when sent, it was just we wanted to use the “dynamic content” component and hadn’t realised it was yet to be implemented.