PHP Mail no longer available as Mailer transport in Mautic 3?

Hello all,

I’m testing version 3.1.1 and I’m surprised of not seeing PHP Mail as a mail transport neither in the installation wizard, nor in the Settings - Configuration - Service to send mail though option.

Is this option going to be available in Mautic 3? All my customer installs are configured with PHP Mail wihtout any issues in years!



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Same for me. :frowning:

Actually, mails sent by PHP Mailer from a SPF-verified domain had higher acceptance rate than using SendGrid. It got less often into Spam. That means something! :slight_smile:

Do you have any news yourself, in the meantime, Alejandro?

Hi folks,

I responded to @alexrm1x (I assume it was you!) on LinkedIn:

Hi there, unfortunately PHP Mailer is no longer supported by the swiftmailer package so it had to be deprecated with the 3.0 release.

Here’s some further detail: - it was changed from mail to sendmail.


This morning, I checked out my other Mautic instance, which used PHP Mailer so far, and there “Sendmail” was selected. So, I figured out that must be the replacement for PHP Mailer.

Thanks for providing some more info.