My 3.0 version of Mautic does not have php mail as a choice for sending email

Your software
My Mautic version is:3.0
My PHP version is:7.4
My Database type and version is:mysql

Your problem
My problem is: on my version on another site shows php mail is available as a choice on that version… however when I loaded version 3.0 it is not in the dropdown… Can anyone tell me if that is a change in 3.0 removal of php mail as a mail sending method…

I have looked at all my versions before 3.0 and they all have it but the new 3.0 I am now installing.

I believe php mail was removed in Mautic 3+

Hey aerendir,
Thanks for that I think however i have other sites using php mail for years without problems…
Could you enlighten me on what you have seen as problems so that I may look and see if I have some of those same problems… and also do you know why it was removed from Mautic… have the problems been that bad…
Thanks for any helpful advice that you may offer…

Thanks for the EJL… as it backup my beliefs… do you have any idea why it was removed… it has worked well for me in the past…

I responded to your comment below but not sure you received it since the pix marker says i must have clicked the general reply button instead…

I don’t have any insider knowledge on why it was removed. I recall reading a change log or something similar that indicated it was “deprecated “ as a function within Mautic and removed. I can’t think of a mission critical use case that couldn’t be adapted to a SMTP server, but if you are the exception you could explore adding it back to your instance. I don’t have an opinion on how that can be done

It was replaced with sendmail due to deprecations.

See the configuration section: mautic/ at 92ea60540a0b015a04860387d67b79327a9de97c · mautic/mautic · GitHub

‘mail’ option was removed in SwiftMailer 6, other options should keep working as-is