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"Please Wait" in Configuration area

I can save successfully on almost every page in the Mautic admin, except for /config/edit

On that Configuration screen, I click Save or Apply and get a constant “Please Wait” message.

I can save successfully on almost every page in the Mautic admin, except for /config/edit

On that Configuration screen, I click Save or Apply and get a constant “Please Wait” message.

Saving the Configuration rebuilds symfony’s file cache. I’m wondering if it’s hanging on that process for some reason. Is there anything logged in either app/logs/mautic_prod.php.php or the servers error log?

A last ditch work around is to manually delete app/cache/prod although I’d like to get to the bottom of why it’s hanging.


Thanks Alan

No luck with those solutions sadly.

Nothing in the error log or app/logs/mautic_prod.php.php

Deleting the cache didn’t help.

Deleting Symfony’s file cache won’t necessarily prevent the “getting stuck” issue. It’ll just manually finish what was supposed to happen after attempting to save the configuration.

May I ask what host you are using?


Hey Alan,

This is a Rochen cloud server.

Hi Steve

I’m wondering if its the php execution time or some other max server limit. Can you check out a php info and get some of those values? I’ll compare it to my server and see if there’s a big difference.

max_execution_time is set to 60 for us

I’m having the same problem
I thanks if anyone has a solution.
My server is Rochen too.

I have the same issue. I have a WhiteLabel server. Any news about this topic?

It can be caused by some server limit configuration or a file permission problem. To discover what it is check Mautic logs (in directory app/logs/) and server logs. Without an error message, there is no way how we could help.

Nothing in Mautic Logs (empty paste) and nothing in the server log. :confused:

Oh boy…

I test this problem on Chrome and open the dev tool. Appears an error message: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)

HI all,

i am also have this error, but only in “Configuration” menu,

i have done all every suggestion in this forum, but i still get that error,

still waiting for this thread going further for solution,

I checked with google chrome and got this error:

it’s means anything?
i assume the file of “libraries.js” is missing, but i check it on my hosting folder it’s not missing,
any suggestion guys?


Its very bad. If the CONFIGURATIOn doest work, its impossible to setup mail senders. All stopped here :confused:

This is just a thought, but some webhosts use the ConfigServer Firewall which has a filter to actively block url requests from JS files that have a query string. (as an attempt to block XSS vulnerabilities). Those of you experiencing this, I would ask your host if they use this, and can turn this filter off on your account.

Those failed AJAX requests are just result of a problem at the server. Guys, I can only repeat myself. To find what is causing that problem, go to Mautic logs and server logs and paste here the error message. That way we can help.

If no logs are created, the issue can be the file permission. Mautic has no permission to write logs neither config file.

Escopecz, then what file (or dir) we need to setup permission of write to these logs show up?

The logs should be stored in app/logs folder if you don’t configure it elsewhere. So the app folder has to be writable. In fact, all files and folders should be writable if you want the updates to work. The System Info section has been added to Mautic 1.2.1 which will tell you if the log folder is writable or not.

The configuration file is located in app/config/local.php. Make sure if the permissions are correct in that file.

Rather than changing all permissions to 777, check the owner and the group.