Points for Link Clicks

Hi everyone,

Love Mautic. I would like the ability to add points to a contact once they click on a link. I’m a little surprised it’s not a feature already. We can add points if a contact opens an email or visits a landing page, but not every link we send goes to a Mautic Landing Page.


I would like this too. Opening an email is great, but clicking a link is even better and should get more points :slight_smile:

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You can create a segment with filter “Visited URL”. After you can create a campaign start with this segment and add point to your contact. :slight_smile:
It’s done ! :white_check_mark:


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That’s a good work-around but you’d need to keep adding every single URL that gets sent out in an email. “Email link click” would encompass all links in all emails sent, without having to do continuous updates to the rule.


I am also looking for a way to award points for each click in an email.

Unfortunately, the workaround is of limited help. If a user is just browsing our website, then he also gets points.

Actually you could add a decision in each campaign after an email is sent and score points over that. But that is cumbersome.

A possibility to score points in general would be appreciated.