Add Contact to Segment After Visiting Page

I have created a campaign that sends an email to a segment. In the email I have include a link that goes to a landing page. After clicking the link and visiting the landing page (Thank You page), the campaign is supposed to add the contact to a segment.

The campaign looks like this: → Send Email → Visits ‘Thank You’ Page → Add to email to ‘xxx’ Segment

The email is being delivered successfully but when I click on the link from my inbox and am redirected to the Thank You page, my email is not added to the segment. Also, the email is not registering any ‘clicks’ and the campaign is not showing any ‘Decisions’ (Visit Page) or ‘Actions’ (Add to Segment) taken even though I have visited the landing page.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank You

Hi @riverbear

When you are doing the testing please make sure you are not logged into your Mautic instance in the same browser that the click is taking place. You will not get correct results. Best is if you send yourself an email, do one of two things:

  1. Copy link, open a new Guest Browser (In chrome) and paste & go
  2. Log out of your mautic instance, and go through the click procedure.

Hope this helps.

That did the trick. Thank you!!!