🦃 Post-Thanksgiving Boost: Contribute to Mautic this Open Source Friday!

Hello Mautic Family! :wave:

Autumn is well and truly here in the UK, with the temperatures dropping :cold_face: and leading to me reaching out for my :scarf: and :gloves:!

But at least we get some beautiful woodland scenes!

After a day filled with gratitude and feasting in some parts of the world, it’s time to embrace the spirit of innovation and cooperation with an exciting Open Source Friday! This Black Friday, move beyond the shopping frenzy and engage in a truly rewarding experience— contributing to Mautic. :muscle:

Just as every delicious dish brings a unique flavor to the Thanksgiving table, your contributions also add invaluable richness to our community.

Our Community Team, Education Team, Product Team, and Marketing Team are all eager to bask in your unique insights and skills. :star2:

We urge you to explore the contributor’s guide and get involved in shaping the future of Mautic. Every action taken enhances our collective strength and intelligence, propelling us further in our mission. :raised_hands:

Join us in celebrating this incredible project we all know and love. Mautic isn’t just about software, it’s about people… People like YOU! :blush:

Here’s some ways you could help today:

:dart: Become a Member!

We’re delighted to have more and more individuals and companies signing up to become members of Mautic. If you rely on Mautic for your livelihood, whether that’s using Mautic or selling services based on Mautic, please consider giving back by becoming a member.

Here’s where you can find the details.

:computer: Product Team

Help us test some of the bugs which need fixing before we release Mautic 5! Here’s a list:

Here’s how to help with testing - it’s all done in the browser, no need to even install Mautic! Check the docs: https://mau.tc/tester or watch the video below:

Help us fix the bugs we’ve had reported and want to fix in Mautic 5.0:

:mortar_board: Education team

We’re ramping up to launching the new end-user and developer docs! Exciting times!

We need some help completing some documentation:

Developer documentation

User documentation

:busts_in_silhouette: Community Team

Check out the recent Community Team meeting where the following are being discussed:

  • Ideas for how to build the community
  • How to help people getting started with contributing
  • Supporting events (including the next in-person MautiCon :partying_face: )
  • Local communities and meetup groups
  • Networking with other open source projects
  • Outreach and onboarding of new contributors
  • Community management

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Marketing Team

Some upcoming tasks include:

  • Creating a Canva template for celebrating corporate members joining
  • Creating a campaign to promote people becoming members of Mautic
  • Planning for our stand at FOSDEM and State of Open Con next year
  • Writing the Mautic Newsletter (including collating information, writing, reviewing, images, etc)
  • Planning ad campaigns to promote growth of new Mautic Meetup events

Happy contributing, and may the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend be filled with innovation, inspiration, and joyful open source contributing! : :tada:

Your Mautic Family :family:

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