Preserving and Passing Query Parameters in Mautic Form Submissions for Redirection

My problem is:
I’m facing a scenario where I’m utilizing Mautic forms to collect user data on a landing page (let’s call it ‘page1’) with query parameters. Following the user’s form submission, I’d like to redirect them to another website (e.g., ‘payment’) while retaining the same query parameter. To illustrate, if a user lands on ‘’ and submits the form, my goal is to have them redirected to ‘’ using Mautic.I’m curious if there’s any documentation or guidance available for achieving this, as I haven’t been able to locate any thus far.

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:
As I explored possible solutions, I came across this format: payment?doctor_id={formfield=user_id}&total_amount={formfield=total_amount}&email={formfield=email} . However, the issue I’m encountering with this approach is that it doesn’t return the value of the user ID, which is a selectable option in the form. (I’m getting the user name instead )

Any insights or assistance on achieving this query parameter preservation and redirection in Mautic would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!