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Problem for Identified Contact

I use mautic on 2 sites these days.
And test on others.

In the first site that I officially use it is all ok.
It works everything correctly. It is a simple domain.
I use exactly the way I would like it to work on the other domain, informing Wordpress, Woocommerce, Focus and other forms of identification.

It’s been some time since I installed Mautic on another domain.
There, after a while, we are using free https from Cloudflare, which is a reverse proxy, we had to change the Mautic ips identifier for it to get the correct IP from the user and not from the Cloudflare. This Cloudflare http, being a reverse proxy usually gives some errors. But we were able to get the site to receive the data correctly.

It turns out that it receives the data but does not create an identified contact. We did all sorts of testing, see if the data comes out, see if it’s coming, see if it’s identifying, error log, cron jobs error log, reinstall Mautic, put in the same version of the other domain, divert route from https with a subdomain.

After all these tests, we realize that in the anonymous contact log, the data is there, but it does not create the identified contact. That is, we found that is not a problem of https or routes, but of Mautic, who in this domain never identified any contact.

In the attached image you can see that there is data in the anonymous contact log.
This data is the user of an LMS site, made in Wordpress, which informs through the Mautic plugin the data of the user who logged to take course.

Why is not Mautic identifying the contact even when receiving so much data?

I need to use Mautic on this site. I appreciate any light on this issue.

Contact Anonymous received the data but did not create an identified contact.