Problem with Amazon SES bounce handling

I am sending Emails with Amazon SES and have a list of roughly 8000 emails. I have set up a SNS for bounce handling and unsubscribes. I have got 350 emails that were correctly identified as bouncing. But recently I was running my list through and found another 450 emails that are bouncing according to their tests, and about 200 of them with an obvious misspelling in the domain name. I wonder how to troubleshoot this bounce problem, considering that 350 contacts were identified and 450 others were not, and considering that there are bounces on new contact that continue to be identified correctly. I looked at the Amazon SES statistics, and the last time I have sent to the entire list I got about 4% bounce rate. So Amazon SES recognices the bounce, but somehow it does not get into Mautic.
Found out also for unsubscribe via email, that about half of them get identified correctly and the other half not. I am not sure if Amazon SES is involved in handling unsubscribes, but I have a listener of the inbox that handles unsubscribe emails.
I wonder how to troubleshoot such problems that work only half of the time? Difficult to know where to start!

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One error message that I found in the log, maybe that can give a hint:
[2020-10-04 12:16:21] mautic.WARNING: Received SES webhook of type ‘Notification’ but couldn’t understand payload

guess you have seen that post:

I am not using amazon servers myself, but I don’t get those bounces to work either.

Just gave it a read and changed the setting to include original headers in the SNS Topic. Will see if that makes any difference.