Question: How is every link in my marketing email clicked within the same minute by a contact?

Hello Mautic Community,

I am curious concerning a few email campaign responses being received. I have set up a monthly email bulletin to notify contacts of Technical changes to Microsoft Products. Each link in the email assigns points to the contact.

Some of the contacts appear to be clicking on every link in the bulletin within the same minute. (which is impossible) How is this possible when there are 15 links in the bulletin? How should I treat these contacts?

I’m tempted to set each one as Do Not Contact because they generate a high bounce rate on the site which is unfriendly to Google SEO.

Can someone help clear up the mystery?
Thank you,

P.S. apologies if this has been discussed previously. I searched but didn’t locate this topic.

The recipient’s email system has one or more anti spam/anti phishing solutions in place that are checking the links before the email is delivered, triggering the ‘click’.

My over the past year, my stats have become pretty much worthless. :frowning:

Thank you patrickeidemiller,

That is quite a monkey wrench in the works. Add this on top of big corporations and service providers hitting my site for a few seconds from dozens of IP’s and ranking is going to be challenging. Looks like I need to start blocking IP’s to combat this.

Hope you find a way to turn your stats around.
Thanks again,


How can you tell which emails are being clicked within the minute? what kind of settings or options do you have to view this?